How to get your dog to LOVE a head halter

“My dog hates it!” We hear that from time to time. Here’s a cute video of a dog and dog owner getting used to the NewTrix dog halter together. We recommend associating the NewTrix dog halter with fun and treats and going for a walk. Take your time to condition your dog. The results are worth it. Thanks for the original video to Jim O’Neill of Great Dog K9 in Rhode Island.


Managing Exuberance in a Therapy Dog

Tiger Jan Pincher

Meet Tiger, an Australian Shepherd living near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder, Colorado. Therapy dogs must have the personality for meeting, greeting and visiting people. Tiger is a friendly and intelligent dog but he is over the moon happy to meet people; each time, it’s the most exciting experience in the world for him! His exuberance and enthusiasm can be problematic so he wears a NewTrix dog halter to help keep him calm and he has had years of formal training in socialization, obedience, and off-leash work. He watches his owner, Jan Fincher for direction, working on cues for approaching and visiting people. Tiger completed the four-session training and assessment process at the Boulder Community Hospital where he now volunteers to visit patients. He has also been formally observed and assessed by a national therapy dog organization and is a registered therapy dog.

Do you know a dog with a therapeutic personality?

Handsome Dan finds homes for desperate dogs

Handsome Dan

Courtesy Handsome Dan’s Facebook page

Handsome Dan has over 120,000 Facebook Likes and that number rises every day. It’s an astounding following for a once abused and neglected Pit Bull Terrier from the fighting ring. Handsome Dan’s popularity is due in large part to his posts: he is witty, informative, observant, humble, conscientious, and extraordinarily talented for a four-pawed creature but most importantly, he posts lots of awesome photos of kitties and doggies.

Handsome Dan spent the first part of his life in Virginia chained and unfed in the yard of an NFL football player eventually charged and convicted of crimes in connection with dog fighting. Of the fifty dogs seized only 21 made it to the Utah animal shelter where Handsome Dan would eventually meet his new family. These survivors, known as Vicktory Dogs, named after the infamous footballer, are now spread out across the United States and Handsome Dan regularly keeps in touch with the survivors.

After settling in, and becoming a sensation on Facebook, Handsome Dan’s new family decided to name their Rescue operation after him. The Rescue is for Pit Bull type dogs that have extreme behavioural issues or are in need of medical attention. These dogs are considered un-adoptable at the Shelters where they languish but Handsome Dan himself is proof that even extreme cases can be rehabilitated. He has proved that every dog deserves an individual assessment.

The woman Handsome Dan calls his mother is Heather Gutshall. Heather is in touch with Shelters and Rescues in and around her home state of Rhode Island and on the lookout for dogs in desperate circumstances. When she finds, and is able to take a candidate into her care, she starts working with the dog and attempting to find it a foster home. After intensive socialization training, medical attention, and neutering or spaying the dog is ready for adoption. In some cases, the foster family becomes so attached that the foster home becomes the dog’s forever home. One such case was Luna.

Luna in pink NewTrix dog halter

Pink NewTrix for bully breeds only!

Luna was a stray at the Providence Animal Shelter. She appeared to be only about 4 or 5 months old. She wasn’t pretty, suffering from severe Demodex Mange, but Heather instantly recognized that this small black dog had a loving and lovable disposition. (You can find more about Luna on Handsome Dan’s Facebook page – here.) Heather selected Luna as a member of Handsome Dan’s Rescue. She was placed in the foster care of Johanna Croteau and after a few months of working with Luna, Johanna welcomed her into the family permanently – a beautiful outcome for everyone.

Heather Gutshall is as remarkable as Handsome Dan. She devotes herself to some of life’s neediest creatures: the dogs most unlikely to be adopted. Heather helps rehabilitate and find homes for these desperate cases. Dr. Robert Curran of NewTrix dog halters met Heather at the IAABC Conference (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants) in Rhode Island in 2012. Since that time, Heather has been using the NewTrix dog halter on Handsome Dan rescue dogs and with some of the clients at her dog training organization, Outbound Hounds. The manner in which the NewTrix dog halter works, no fear, no pain, only triggering an automatic reflex, fits in with the LIMA principles Heather ascribes to: Least Invasive Minimally Aversive. We at NewTrix are honoured to be part of the journey with both Handsome Dan and Heather Gutshall. Together we hope we can help more dogs find forever homes.


Tips for Head Halters

RSCPA video large YouTube Tanya Dominguez of the RSPCA in New South Wales gives some great tips on getting started with a NewTrix dog halter. Watch the video here. Have you got some tips for using the NewTrix dog halter? We’d love to hear about them.

Give a shelter dog a gift!

sitting pretty newtrixYear round we are busy introducing the NewTrix dog halter into animal shelters across North America.  We know the tremendous benefit of our halter for shelter dogs and for shelter workers.

Millions of dogs are waiting to be adopted. In most cases a dog arrives at a shelter because of behaviour or training challenges. Happily, rehabilitation exists, and with the dedication of skilled trainers and volunteer dog walkers many shelter dogs receive schooling to improve their chances of adoption and adaptation to new homes.

RIdge dog

Getting fitted

Earlier this year we told you about a wonderful program called Ridge Dogs. This program brings inmates at a correctional facility together with dogs from a local shelter deemed unadoptable. Participating inmate-handlers are taught the essentials of dog training and paired up with a dog. After six to eight weeks of training and socialization the dogs are ready to be adopted. The program is a resounding success. We are happy to report that NewTrix Shelter gifts were sent last summer to the Ridge Dogs program and are now in use.

The NewTrix dog halter is a key piece of equipment for shelters. It eliminates pulling on the leash, allowing even the strongest dog to be walked and exercised.  There is no pain or fear associated with the NewTrix dog halter, it is pure science. The NewTrix dog halter is worn comfortably and loosely on the dog’s face. It works by triggering what is known as the opposition reflex. Unlike pressure on the front of a dog’s neck or chest, which causes a dog to lean into the pressure, the NewTrix dog halter applies pressure on the back of the dog’s neck and the dog leans back into it – instantly stopping the pulling. There is no strain on the handler; the NewTrix dog halter does its job each time the dog pulls or lunges. The NewTrix dog halter jump starts any behaviour modification regimen – the result being a more adoptable pet dog.

Unfortunately shelters cannot always afford NewTrix dog halters. That’s why we’ve manufactured orange NewTrix dog halters available for shelter-use-only. The colour helps reduce the loss of the equipment from the shelter. The response from trainers and shelters has been overwhelmingly positive.

Can you help? Yes, you can. Purchase a $20 NewTrix Shelter gift here and we will forward a NewTrix dog halter to a participating shelter.

We hope you will share this with your friends and colleagues. At this time of giving, please give a shelter dog a chance at a new life.

A Woof for NewTrix from England

Toby in his NewTrix dog halter
Claire Caswell told us: “I have had lots of compliments and people asking where I got the NewTrix halter from, especially from people who have seen me walking my dogs and have noticed the immediate difference! It works so well, I have tried lots of harnesses and other head halter which were useless!
This is Toby, he is a 9 month old staffordshire bull terrier crossed with a springer spaniel and is very strong! He was a nightmare to walk, I have been using the Newtrix dog halter for 6 days and he now walks like a dream and doesn’t mind wearing it! He walks so well with it my 11 year old daughter can walk him with ease whereas before she couldn’t as he would pull her over or hurt her arm.
I will definitely order another one from you.”

Good Manners Save Lives

When she could no longer physically continue her work in accounting Krystal Ellingson let her passion for dogs lead her to a new career.  She says the career change was a blessing in disguise. In addition to her dog training business, Speak Dog, Krystal developed a dog rehabilitation program for dogs that would otherwise be euthanized at the local shelter. The program is in full swing at the Coyote Ridge Correctional Facility, Washington.

The Ridge Dogs program brings inmates at the prison together with dogs deemed unadoptable. Participating offender-handlers are taught the essentials of dog training and paired up with a dog that then lives with them at the facility. After six to eight weeks of training and socialization the dogs are ready to be adopted. The program is a resounding success, as one can imagine, benefiting the dogs and their handlers.

Dogs that wind up in the program may be older, or have a physical liability of one sort or another. It is behaviour, however, that lands a dog in a shelter, considered unadoptable and fated for euthanasia, specifically a lack of good manners. Fortunately, good manners can be taught. Krystal says, “We take dogs with little or no training, that don’t just naturally have good manners, and teach them to behave the way people tend to prefer.”

When dogs first arrive in the Ridge Dog program they wear an orange bandana indicating they are new and have little to no training. The dogs progress to a yellow bandana, and finally a green one indicating they’ve met their training requirements and are eligible to go home to an adopter. By happy coincidence, the NewTrix shelter-use dog halters are orange and Krystal tells us they will be used on orange level dogs that need them.

Donations to the Ridge Dogs are always welcome. Adoption of one of these dogs (or any shelter dog) is also a wonderful way to help out.

Watch Abel, a blind Chihuahua, in this video for a glimpse of his progression through the Ridge Dogs program – he’s adorable. By the way, Abel has recently been adopted.

NewTrix is pleased to offer support to the Ridge Dogs program. We know the NewTrix dog halter helps jump-start a behaviour modification program by eliminating pulling and lunging on the leash. The NewTrix dog halter works by reversing the opposition reflex; there is no fear, no pain – it is pure science. If you’d like to send a $20 NewTrix shelter-use dog halter to the Ridge Dogs please visit our website and indicate “to Ridge Dogs” on the shipping information section. We will take care of the rest.

Kudos to Krystal Ellingson for her inspiring work in the dog training world.

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